Biennial caraway, Gerste s.r.o.

Product Description:

Biennial caraway whole - sale. We supply biennial caraway in packages of 25-40 kg bags or 900 kg sacks. Quantity: 5 - 20 t. The minimum oil content is 2.5%, and we supply biennial caraway with an oil content of 2.8 to 3.2%.

Other information:

Biennial caraway is one of the oldest spices used in Europe. Biennial caraway usage: widely used in the kitchen, suitable for seasoning bread and baked goods. It is suitable for potatoes and a variety of baking and seasoning of meats, soups, sauces and salads. It is also used for preservation.

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Gerste s.r.o.

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Gerste s.r.o.
Komenského 882
768 11

Czech Republic


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Ing. Lubomír Hanečka
managing director
Tel.: +420 602 727 254

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czech, russian
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Iveta Strašáková

Tel.: +420 573 342 400

language Used:
czech, english
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Biennial caraway


Product Name: Biennial caraway
Production Amount: subject of agreement Minimum Delivery Amount: subject of agreement
Unit Price: according to the current pricelist
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